Pittsburgh Transportation Research Project

In April 2018, I visited Pittsburgh, with James my BF, to research their transportation system. Anyone that works in research can attest that the best way to gather data is first hand, so we spent the weekend using their systems and talking with people around town. The goal was to gain understanding of what was working well and where opportunities for improvement existed. 

The first day we walked around downtown and then headed over to the Strip District, which we learned was a popular spot of nightlife and restaurants.  From our hotel, the Omni William Penn, we walked over to Grant Street to catch the bus. The stop was located in front of the US Steel Tower and I have to say on a rainy day the lack of a shelter went noticed. We hid under awning of the building which worked ok but because of the distance from the curb for anyone that wasn't able to act fast when the bus arrived might have been left behind. After standing there for a few minutes we noticed the P1 bus ran very frequently while the bus we were waiting on (87) still had about a 15 minute wait time. Upon further researched we learned Pittsburgh had three busway buses which were high-frequency and had dedicated bus only routes that ran throughout the city.

Day two we made our way further out of downtown to Hazelwood and Homestead... MORE TO COME